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~ Creator Spotlight ~

Wandering Wixie and How His Candle Came to Be

- A.D. Stone, Author -

A.D. Stone is an author, chandler, and vintage toy shop owner. 

A lifelong lover of books, art, Arthurian legend, poetry, Disney, and all things whimsical and nostalgic, she takes pride in her creative ability, always looking for the next magical thing to conjure up or be a part of. 

She was born and raised within the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She still resides there with her significant other and beloved pets.

- Alexandra Szalontai, Illustrator -

Alexandra Szalontai is a Hungarian children's book illustrator, painter, and English language and literature teacher now based in England.


She delivers her art through picture books, seizing the opportunity to connect with the youngest audience on this planet. Her ultimate aspiration is to enrich children's souls by offering them the timeless gift of captivating tales.


In her spare time, she can be found meditating, enhancing her knowledge of psychology, designing greeting cards and T-shirts, as well as working towards becoming a counselor. 

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